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Dr.Kulakarn Amonpattana, MD,FRCST,FISHRS
Plastic surgeon
American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
Fellow of ISHRS 



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What reasons that you will consider doing FUE at Maple Clinic:

1. Our surgeon has a background of plastic surgery. Dr.Kulakarn is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgery in Thailand. She has trained exclusively as a fellowship in the field of hair transplantation with Dr.Damkerng Pathomvanich [DHT Clinic] since 2008 and received American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery [ABHRS] since 2010. Recently, she has been certified as the Fellow of ISHRS [FISHRS] which honored the long standing practice in good standard. [You may find and] . 

2. Our practice is exclusively for micro-follicular unit transplantation only. As it gives the most natural result. Dr.Kulakarn can really perform both FUT and FUE efficiently. Some doctors do only FUE because they are not capable to do surgery. In fact, the experienced surgeon should be capable for both techniques since there are pros and cons for both methods. The surgeon must know well which method is best suit to individual patient. Bad patient selection leads to the poor sequels.

3. We use several of highly developed machines and punches with the US. FDA –cleared.  Our machines are from

- Cole’s instruments

- Ellis Instruments Inc.

- HSC, Colorado [S.A.F.E. system] .

Individual patient fit to different type of machine due to the patient’s own condition.

Good instruments bring up good results.

4. The punch size is as small as 0.8 mm. We do range of in diameter according the follicle size. The smaller punch size gives the smaller scars. We hardly use more than 0.95 mm punch since it might create large cobblestone appearance and may kill the surrounding follicles  leading to the donor site hair loss.

5. We use high magnification. While most doctors use only 2.5x or 3.5x, Dr.Kulakarn use 6.5x magnification to extract the follicles. That means how well she can see the entire structure. The better you see, the more refine job you get. 

6. We are capable to do dense packing. The 40-60 follicular units can be densely packed in one square centimeter. It gives the most satisfaction cosmetic density.

7. We are capable to do mega FUE for example 4000 grafts in 1-2 consecutive days.

8. The result is reliable. We guarantee of our success rate. The 95% of hair growth is expected. If less, we will do the touch up for free.

8. We communicate well in English. So you can be sure that you would not be misunderstanding.

9. Our location is not in the center of the city. You can refrain from busy traffic and cloud. We offer the free accommodation in case of mega session [Large number of graft] in surrounding hotels. The area is very nice and peaceful. Fresh air is all around.

10. The price is reasonable. Since we are not in the center of the city, we cut off the cost of rental fee/local tax so then we can do the price that is reasonable with very high standard.

Hair Transplantation

If you are serious about restoring your hairstyle, you discovered by now that the only permanent solution to fight genetic baldness is getting a surgical procedure to restore your fallen hair.

If you want to get the best treatment, at an affordable price and in the most beautiful place on earth to recover, search no more because Thailand’s clinic is the best choice to get FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)  or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) procedure.