Combo FUT and FUE 

The combination of FUT and FUE is just new in the field of hair restoration surgery.

The FUT is long known to be the standard technique and most reliable surgery for long time. We all know the good and bad outcome from this FUT technique.

The uprising of FUE is just 10 years back. Though it is more popular in term of less scar, less invasive and faster recovery, but the long term adverse effect is yet unclear.

The wide spreading of FUE now is because FUE can be done by any doctor, while FUT is more preserved to the doctor who has surgical skill. [ A surgeon as a background]

Somehow, there are good and bad things for both techniques. The key is to select the best option for each individual.


Life expectancy of the transplanted hair. It seems to be better with FUT method. The strongest hairs are along the strip line of FUT harvesting. You can expect a life time for those hairs from the FUT. While from FUE, you may not expect the longevity of hair follicles like FUT procedure.

Most people thought that FUT is more aggressive, in fact, both techniques involve only skin or superficial surgery. Raw surface made by FUE may even worse than FUT. [Because FUT involve with stitches, while FUE is open wound] Moreover, since FUE require broader surface for harvesting, the donor site from massive FUE harvesting can be altered than the same amount harvested by FUT. You can compare from the pictures. The patient with 2 sessions of FUT [Total amount 5,000 grafts] and 2 sessions from FUE [ Total 5,000 grafts ].































For the first case, further FUT is quite hard because the skin is already tight. For the second case, further FUE may thin out the entire donor area.Therefore, we are doing the combination of 2 techniques to get the highest number and safe the donor best in one time.This method should be good for the one who have advance stage hair loss. 

First case , x 2 FUT procedures, the total number is around 5,000 grafts

Second case , x 2 FUE procedures, the total is around 5,000 grafts