FUT or  strip harvesting method

The traditional method of donor harvesting. The strip of donor hair bearing scalp was cut out and then process to isolate follicular unit under stereomicroscopes. The donor site was left with linear in scar.The scalp defect is close by "Trichophytic closure technique" which facilitate better scar outcome.The technicians are responsible to graft preparation. This method is most reliable to get the highest quality graft. However this requires the skin laxity to allow strip cut.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction

This newly developed technique is by using specific micro punches , taking out the hair follicles unit one by one. This technique is reputable for its less obvious scar. The term 'scarless' or ' no scar technique' are fraud. In fact it produces more scar than FUT but easier to cover with shorter hair. The FUE technique require high skill and experience. 

The change you can expect after hair transplantation

December 23, 2017

The timelines that you will experience after surgery and how to manage with it.

The comparison between FUT and FUE

February 23, 2023

Learn what is the difference between the 2 techniques and see how to make a decision what best suit to your condition.

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