Appointment and preoperative preparations


- Report to your doctor in case of underlying medical illness or precautions, including the current medication, herbs and supplements.


 - Discontinue some medications as directed by your physician; the blood thinners; Aspirin, NSAIDs, warfarin, Coumadin, heparin. Some kind of supplements , for examples: Vitamin  E ,Fish oil, Gingko, Ginseng, Primrose oil and etc., at least 7 days before the surgery.


- Stop smoking and alcohol at least 48 hours before the surgery.


- Well and enough rest the night before the surgery.


- You can have your breakfast as usual but please keep it a small meal, not too much. Drink sufficient fluid prior to the surgery. Avoid coffee and tea.


- Continue your medication like blood pressure medicine or diabetic medicine as usual.


- Bath and hair wash in the morning before the surgery. The antiseptic shampoo will be provided at the clinic.


- Put on the cozy outfit,  the front buttoned shirt is recommended for you to easily put on and put off.


 -Report to the clinic 30 minutes earlier, to complete the preparation steps ; e.g.: Shampoo and paper work.


- Do not bring any valuable accessory to the clinic.


- It is better not to drive by yourself. Please appoint someone to pick you up at the end.


- Prepare the loose hat or scarf or sun glasses to wear afterward.


- If you color your hair on the regular basis, please do so a few days prior to surgery because you should not color your hair post-operative at least 1 month.


- Please leave the hair long enough to cover the donor scar.




Postoperative preparations


Instruction for postoperative hair transplantation


1.         The hair grafts are not tight holding, please be careful not to touch/rub/scratch over the recipient site at least 48 hours


2.         The day after surgery, you can start your hair wash with non-chemical shampoo. However, it is our complimentary service in the first clean. Use soft shower with lukewarm water and gently tap with shampoo foam over the recipient site. Do not rub or scratch since the graft can be out. Thoroughly clean the back cut with same manner but rubbing gently is acceptable for better clot clean. Repeat the shampoo once daily until 7 days. Then you can start your regular hair wash with regular shampoo and conditioner. Normally, after 7 days is fine to rub both the top and back.


3.         If there are thick scabs and clusters, you can apply olive oil on top, leave it 10 minutes before hair wash. The oil will help softening the scabs and easily removed after shampoo. This can be done either the recipient and donor area.


4.         Immediate after surgery, there can be some soreness especially on the back of head [Donor site]. You are able to sleep on your back but rather have U-shape pillow or rolled towel to support your upper neck. We don’t recommend you to sleep on the belly or on the sides since it may aggravate later face swelling.


 5.        Alcohol and smoking should be avoided 48 hours after surgery.


 6.        Pain killer, antibiotics and sleeping pills are provided after surgery. It is advisable to have the medicine as directed.


 7.        Returning to daily activity next morning except:


Avoid strenuous exercise for 1 month [Football/tennis/squad/badminton/valley/boxing/etc.] light gym play or weight training can start at 2 weeks.


Avoid sauna and stream for one month.


Avoid dust and pollution and no swimming neither in the pool nor the sea for one month.


Hair dye/breech can start after 1 month.


Haircut in the barber shop should be waiting until 1 month unless you have your own cutting equipment or sanitary enough, then you can start at 2 weeks.


Hair set up/ hair spray can start after 7 days. However, try to avoid the direct contact to the implanted site.